The Zone of Interest


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Film Info
Release Year:2023
Production Country:Poland
United Kingdom
Original Language:Yiddish
Cast/Crew Info
DIRECTOR:Jonathan Glazer
STARRING:Christian Friedel
Sandra Hüller
Medusa Knopf
Daniel Holzberg
Ralph Herforth
Screenwriter:Jonathan Glazer


Jonathan Glazer’s Cannes Grand Prix-winning horror, ‘The Zone of Interest,’ delves into the domestic life of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and his wife, Hedwig. Living amid the horrors of their actions, the film portrays the chilling juxtaposition of mundane daily life and unspeakable evil. Towards the final days of the Holocaust, Hedwig is fixated on self-preservation, while Rudolf is increasingly burdened by his duties.

Shot on location and filmed in monochrome with thermal-imaging cameras, it offers haunting reminders of resistance. With a powerful score by Mica Levi and cinematography by Lukasz Zal, this film is an unforgettable, thought-provoking exploration of the Holocaust’s final days. A cinematic experience that will stay with you forever.